Flowkart 4.4Ah | SoFlow Electric Cart

Flowkart 4.4Ah | SoFlow Electric Cart


  • Product Description

      Younger drivers can experience the rush too! Just like Lewis Hamilton, power your Flowkart through the corners and race your friends. The speed of the Flowkart offers the rider the feeling of living dangerously, but with its low center of gravity, the driver will drift with complete control. Take corners sharply and perform a 360. The Flowkart is tremendous fun! 
      Two Flowkarts is better than one, so that you can race your friends.  
      • Designed to meet the needs of our smaller riders.
      • Fun drifting sensation.
      • Fast and adventurous. 
      • Low center of gravity.

      • Warranty: 2 years
      • Range: 6-9 km
      • Max. Speed: 15 km
      • Weight: 12 kg
      • Max. Load: 80 kg
      • Max. Slope: 15 °
      • Battery: 36V, 4.4 Ah (Samsung Lithium Battery)
      • Motor power: 250 watts
      • Dimensions: 95 x 60 x 60 cm 


      • For use on private property.